Integrated Interest

Connecting your business to cost effective, easy to use email sender, that integrates your data seamlessly from your management software.

Helping you create the leads you want.

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Why Integrated Interest?

Integrated Interest brings together the best of both worlds, your email sender (platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact and DotMailer to name a few) and your CRM/Management Platform. Creating the perfect platform for keeping your sales and marketing in contact with your client base, as well as the most up to date information.

With extensive syncronisation of data between the email sender and the CRM/Management Platform, you will see customer activity fed through from your CRM/Management Platform.

Integrated Interest syncs daily to a master list in your email sender to which you can segment, and target contacts with emails, e-newsletters and automated messages.

Allowing you and your team one view on your online Sales and Marketing communication and reporting.

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Ten ways 'ii' can help your business

If you already use an email sender, you know a lot of time is wasted just trying to keep your data up-to-date. You are continuously having to manually move customer data between the systems, wasting many hours of your teams time. By utilising 'ii' integrations this problem is completely gone.

Integrate data into the worlds best email senders
Reduce online marketing costs by up to 50%
Target & engage smarter for greater results
Powerful online automated communications
Simple yet detailed analytics and reporting
Gain more prospects with immediately notifications
Save time by not importing contact data
Easy to use drag and drop email building
Optimise send time for maximum engagement
View subscribers profiles and campaign history

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